Manufacturer and Global Supplier of Precision Brass, Bronze and Copper Components, partnering with leading engineering companies around the globe, we help our customers to use electrical power efficiently, to increase industrial productivity and to lower environmental impact in a sustainable way.

We have emerged as a producer of high-performance components and products. By providing integrated components, technology and manufacturing services, our customers gain the benefit of supply chain consolidation, manufacturing efficiency and lower costs.

Originated in the year 2000, Exports Unlimited had emphasized on production of engineering components that includes manufacturing of brass material turned, milled and precision components as per CAD drawings and designs. We have a strong base of an operational team of more than 100 skilled manpower, maintaining an optimum balance between technology and material needs.

With our rigorous implementation of quality management system, we are an ISO 9001 certified company complying with international standards of quality control. We are 100% Export Company and our products are exported to countries like USA, Germany, Italy, France, Netherlands, Brazil, Russia and Middle East countries.

How we care for our customers

  •   Supporting new product design with our technical expertise.
  •   Enabling a lean process in C-parts management.
  •   Helping to choose the right component for the right application.

We are a technical resource that provides high quality components that improve the quality of your assembly, extend the life of your products and reduce your manufacturing costs.

Our success is enabled by the commitment and dedication of all our employees.

Faster, better, lower-cost production & shortened innovation cycles help us to master the array of choices demanded.

We have produced more than 23,000 different components since our inception. Our products range from standard parts to customer specific drawings and designs.
We supply a wide range of customers from leading global brands to small family businesses.

CNC Turning

With our 3- , 4- and 5- axis CNC machining services ensures that you receive the best in service and quality, whether you require precision parts, rapid turnaround, or have close tolerance needs.
Our turning capabilities range from producing precision blanks for downstream processes to machining parts. Bar diameters up to 50 mm (2 inches) and chucking applications up to 125 mm (6 inches) can be accommodated with ease.

Conventional Turning

With our large series of different size bar feed conventional high speed turning machines we can produce parts from 4.00 mm diameter up to 38.00 mm in diameter maintaining tolerance of +/- 0.03 mm.
Standard components and C-parts are best suitable to our machines with large production volume.
Secondary operations like threading, grooving, chamfering and drilling operations can be done with ease and super-fast speed.


Partnering with our extrusion bar supplier, we are always in position to have desired bar size without any down time.

  •   Hexagonal
  •   Round
  •   Square
  •   Profile and sections according to CAD Drawings.

With our in-house spectro analysis and material testing equipment our customers are always assured of highest quality.


We have developed customized product solutions already in the engineering process to realise quality, functionality and forging ability at costs as low as possible. In order to select the optimum material properties in a targeted way, we work in close collaboration with our customers concerning the material selection - always with regard to the final use of the component:

  •   Lead-freeness
  •   Formability and machinability
  •   Strength and hardness
  •   Corrosion, dezincification and wear resistance
  •   Gliding properties
  •   Electrical conductivity

Exports Unlimited manufactures more than 3 million drop-forged parts per year. Drop-forged parts made of brass material are produced with the latest manufacturing methods. CNC-controlled machining centers with integrated measurement technology and an internal quality control. We offer an integrated production process – from the own production of prematerial to the finished drop-forged part.


Our high-speed, live tooled four-axis vertical machining center is equipped with a 36x24x24 inch work envelope and turn-table stock changers. Our VMC can perform both contour milling and profiling operations, offering a repeatability of just (+/-) .0001 of an inch. Even on the most complex parts, our advanced milling equipment can machine reamed or tapped holes at precise locations.
Our milling capability is focused around small, flexible equipment that can be easily reconfigured to accommodate multiple components.

Sheet Metal

We can produce precision metal stampings through single punch and progressive die processes. Both simple and complex parts can be stamped to match your unique requirements.
With our expert tool design and tool manufactures we can provide high precision technology for sophisticated precision stamped parts – for small series as well for serial production in large numbers.

Swiss Turning

With the implementation of our new sliding headstock technology we are able eliminate the material vibration and harmonics to provide the most precise machining components for Medical, Aerospace, Geotechnical, Inkjet, Optical and Electrical industries...
For high length-to-diameter ratio parts or smaller parts our Swiss turning machines with twin spindle can provide with accurate component with minute details.

For us quality also stands for delivering our products and services according to your requirements, within the agreed-upon deadline and at an outstanding cost-performance ratio.

Quality is in details !!

Exports Unlimited product line are known for setting new standards of longevity. When developing our products, we do not just rely on the use of high-quality materials and innovative technology, but also on years of experience and the expertise of our engineers. Strict controls throughout the entire production process ensure the outstanding quality of our products. This is why Exports Unlimited is continually setting new standards when it comes to reliability, performance and quality.


The difference between something good and something great is in detail.

American British German European Japanese Chinese Sweden
C11000 CDA110 C102 ECu-58 2.009 -- C1100 T2 --
C10200 CDA102 C103 OF-Cu 2.004 -- C1020 TU1 --
C12000 -- -- SW-Cu 2.0076 -- C1201 TP1 --
C12100 -- -- SF-Cu 2.009 -- C1220 -- --
C12200 CDA122 C106 -- -- -- -- TP2 --
C13000 CDA130 C101 -- -- -- C1271 TAg0.08 --
C12900 -- -- CuAg0.1 -- -- PP TAg0.1 --
C21000 CDA210 CZ125 CuZn5 2.022 CW500L C2100 H96 --
C22000 CDA220 CZ101 CuZn10 2.023 CW501L C2200 H90 --
C23000 CDA230 CZ102 CuZn15 2.024 CW502L C2300 H85 --
C24000 CDA240 CZ103 CuZn20 2.025 CW503L C2400 H80 --
C26000 CDA260 CZ106 CuZn30 2.0265 CW505L C2600 H70 --
C26100 -- CZ126 -- -- -- -- -- --
C26200 -- -- CuZn33 2.028 -- -- H68 --
C26800 CDA268 CZ107 -- -- CW506L C2680 H65 --
C27000 CDA270 -- CuZn36 2.0335 CW507L C2700 -- --
C27400 -- -- CuZn37 2.0321 -- -- H63 --
C27200 CDA272 CZ108 -- -- CW508L C2720 -- --
C28000 CDA280 -- -- -- -- C2800 H62 --
C28000 -- CZ109 CuZn40 2.036 CW509L C2801 H60 --
C33000 CDA330 -- -- -- -- -- -- --
C33200 CDA332 -- -- -- -- -- -- --
C34500 CDA345 CZ119 CuZn36Pb1.5 2.0331 -- C3560 HPb63-3 --
C34700 CDA347 CZ124 CuZn36Pb3 -- -- -- -- SS-5112
C34900 CDA349 -- -- 2.0332 -- -- HPb63-0.1 --
C36000 CDA360 CZ120 -- -- -- C3713 HPb60-2 --
-- -- -- CuZn36Pb2As -- CW602N -- -- SS-5170
-- -- -- CuZn37Pb0.5 2.0332 CW604N -- -- --
C35300 -- CZ131 CuZn37Pb2 2.0371 CW606N -- -- SS-5114
C37000 -- CZ129 CuZn38Pb1.5 2.038 CW607N C3710 HPb59-1 SS-5243
C37700 -- -- CuZn38Pb2 -- CW608N -- -- SS-5122
-- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- --
C35300 -- -- CuZn39Pb2 -- CW612N C3771 HPb59-2 SS-5168
C38500 -- CZ121 CuZn39Pb3 2.0401 -- C3604 HPb58-2.5 SS-5150
-- -- -- CuZn40Pb2 2.0402 CW617N -- -- SS-5163

We take pride in our ability to build synergistic relationships with our customers and business partners worldwide.

For us logistics is more than transporting products from us to customers. Accessibility to data is also a part of the supply chain, from ordering to delivery. Logistic connection with customers and suppliers is end-to-end. All our business processes are analyzed and standardized.

We offer our custom-made logistic concept around the globe, of course with optimum efficiency. Over the years, many of our customers have placed their full faith in us in this area. On your behalf, we will take on the complete logistic process – all the way to delivery to the final customer.

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